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16 September 2019

Working in Lowell Public Schools

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Hola todos! Now that a few more weeks have gone by, I have really settled into my work with the Eastern Massachusetts Wildlife Refuge Complex.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am working in a variety of different Lowell Public Schools as a part of an environmental education program run by Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust (LP&CT) and Mass Audubon.

I have absolutely LOVED working with different educators and students for the past five weeks. The majority of the students I work with are elementary students, and they have truly impressed me with their knowledge about and care for the environment. This program is fortunate to have educators from Mass Audubon bring live animals for many of our sessions. As a result, I have seen awesome animals from owls to rabbits to turtles. Even better, I’ve gotten to see the students’ reactions to seeing these animals up close and in-person. Further, observing the educators from LP&CT has given me many opportunities to learn about different teaching styles; as a student interested in a career in education, these moments are invaluable.

Overall, I think the partnership between the Eastern Massachusetts Wildlife Refuge Complex and the City of Lowell is a really positive step forward for both parties. I feel very lucky that I get to represent the Refuge in Lowell every day.

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