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16 September 2019

Spring Into Nature

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On April 27th, Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge and Friends of Iroquois NWR hosted their annual Spring Into Nature event.

This event featured numerous activities, exhibits, demonstrations, and presentations. Some activities included building a toad houses, animal origami, creating pinecone bird feeders, and inflatable archery. Many nature focused organizations were in attendance, such as Ducks Unlimited and Wild Spirit Education. Ten presentations and demonstrations occurred during the event, ranging from fly fishing to owl ecology.

I was tasked with creating a herpetology presentation for the event. My presentation included information about different native reptiles and amphibians found in NYS and specifically at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. The week before one of my supervisors came out with me in order to find some native herp species. We caught a leapord frog, a green frog, and an eastern garter snake. We also borrowed a wood turtle from the Reinstein woods table. Overall the demonstration was a success, as was the event itself. I got to interact with many local non-profits as well as environmental agencies in attendance, and it was a nice day.

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