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16 September 2019

A Week of Endless Possibilities

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It was the night before Latino Conservation Week, and Edith was filled with excitement and nerves.

How would everything turn out? Will people attend and enjoy the planned festivities at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum? Everything she had done in the weeks prior was in preparation for this coming week. All her work and effort up until now would be reflected in this week. A social media takeover, a Spanish guided hike, and a visit from Escuelita Oscar Romero were set to occur. Everything was planned, now it was time to wait.

The week had begun, and everything was off to a great start. With the help of Park Ranger Wingyi, the social media takeover was going according to plan. Escuelita Oscar Romero was excited about their visit. A nature hike and insect survey were in the works for their visit. Flyers were distributed and posted on social media to promote the Spanish guided walk. Although Edith was nervous, she knew everything was going to be perfect.

As Latino Conservation Week passed, Edith is proud of the success of the planned festivities. Everything ran smoothly and according to plan. Escuelita Oscar Romero can’t wait for another visit. John Heinz NWR guest enjoyed getting to learn more about Latino Conservation Week on social media, and she hopes to have another Spanish guided walk before mid-august.

 Now, Edith is more than halfway through her internship at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum through the Hispanic Access Foundation, and she has gotten the opportunity to implement everything she has learned thus far. Her hopes are high, and she plans to continue the momentum built throughout Latino Conservation Week.

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