Exploring New Opportunities Exploring New Opportunities
02 October 2023

Exploring New Opportunities

While my internship focuses on environmental education and community outreach, being here at the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge has offered me various opportunities to see different pathways in the service. One of the most recent opportunities I had was being a part of the Ridgway’s Rail releases here at the refuge. I was able to participate in the banding process which was something very new to me and it was a great experience to be a part of. We had various releases, one being at Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. Seeing these endangered birds being released into their natural habitat was exciting to see and share. Witnessing conservation efforts in action, particularly through processes like rail releases, has provided me with a deeper appreciation for the opportunities I have come across.

These firsthand experiences have allowed me to approach community engagement and educational programs from an entirely different perspective. Witnessing the intricate work that goes into restoring and protecting these species has given me more to talk about and has served as a learning moment to bridge urban communities and conservation efforts. As I continue to work with these communities I can empathize with the feeling of being disconnected from nature while living in an urban environment. 

My internship has not only provided me with invaluable experiences but has also empowered me to be a more effective advocate for the natural world. It's a journey of continuous discovery, both for me and the communities I work with, and I'm excited to see where this path leads me. Through the opportunities presented by my internship, I've been able to break down those barriers and explore the wonders of the outdoors and hopefully I can create a path for those that are interested and just need an opportunity. 


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