Bridget Manjarrez
Intern Year(s): 2020
Location: Angeles National Forest
Program: Resource Assistant Program (RAP)
Agency: U.S. Forest Service

Bridget Manjarrez

Bridget Manjarrez is a Conservation Education Resource Assistant with the Angeles Forest Service. She has roots in San Diego and San Bernardino, California. While she grew up with mountains and deserts not far from outside of the city, she didn’t discover them until college. Exploring the transformative power of green spaces became her driving force as she began working on her Environmental Biology degree at Cal Poly, Pomona. Through working with the Latino Heritage Internship Program and Grand Teton National Park in 2016, she was able to develop herself as a story-teller of cultural and natural history and began her career in public lands. Seeing the need for representation, support, exposure, and community involvement opened a whole world of possibilities where she discovered her unique journey in life had set her up with the skills, energy, and heart needed to address these matters. Since then, Bridget has focused on developing place-based teaching skills, community engagement, and bringing science and natural resource appreciation to future generations of environmental stewards through classrooms and green spaces.

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