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09 March 2020

HAF-ing Time to Reflect

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In January I was sent to participate in an Environmental Education Exchange. This exchange was hosted at the Buffalo Zoo by the New York Outdoor Education Association.

During this event non-profit, State, and Federal organizations shared environmental learning activities they use to educate students. I presented a “Pollination Trivia” game during this event. I learned a lot and had gotten some inspiration for program creation from this event. I ran into many people that I knew from previous events I had been to, and met some new people as well,

In February, The Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge celebrated “IO Palooza”. It was an event created to celebrate the 20th year of “Iroquois Observations” (Which are wildlife centered events that are free to the public). At this celebration The Iroquois National Wildlife hosted back to back events. I was the lead for the “Crafting Corner”. There I set up stations where people could enjoy coloring, making pinecone bird feeders, and seed balls with native pollinator seeds inside. It was also at this event one of our volunteers hit 35,000 volunteer hours. I think that might be one of the highest, if not the highest, number of service hours recorded for the Department of the Interior.

I am currently working on programs for the Urban Partnership in Buffalo. I am excited to get into the libraries and do some programs. We will also be working with a non-profit called Grassroots Gardens of WNY and have a meeting with them this week. They are one of my favorite nonprofits in Buffalo because of all the work they do in the community, and all the planting that is involved. I am an avid gardener, and it will be great to work with them.

Speaking of gardening, in the month of March we will be going to an event called Plantasia. I have fond memories of this event because it was the first big event I had been to with the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. It is also an event about all things plants. With this event coming up, my one-year mark at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge is soon approaching. It is surprising when I think about it!


Written by Sasha Azeez, Natural Resource and Outreach Intern at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

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