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16 September 2019

Events at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

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June has been a busy month for Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.

As their Hispanic Access Foundation intern it has been a busy month for me as well! To start off I have been helping Denise Clay, a Fish Biologist, with her “Students, Nature and Photography” programs in Tonawanda, Buffalo. These programs allow students to explore nature using cameras and technology. We have done 5 of these programs so far, reaching 370 students total. Denise organized the Great Lakes Experience Festival in Dunkirk. I attended in order to represent INWR.

On June 15th the INWR attended their first Juneteenth festival. It was my first Juneteenth Festival as well. I coordinated with the event lead to get us table at the Agricultural Pavilion. There, we talked about careers and internships with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service. I was able to talk about my internship experiences as well as HAF.

I have participated in a youth fishing derby, as well as a veteran’s fishing derby. I am thankful that at my HAF orientation, we were exposed to fishing activities. I would have had a harder time participating if it was not for that. The fishing derby’s were a great way to promote being outdoors, and provided great family time to those that attended. It was a really fun day.

On June 24th INWR participated in the Roy B. Kelley Field Day. It is a field day at an elementary school. I made a program for this event, as well as coordinated it. Our program for the Field day was attended by about 450 students.

So far, my favorite activity that has happened in June are the bat surveys. We go out at night and set up an acoustic device that allows us to hear the bats. We go along a route that we are given and record what we are hearing. We must go at no more than 20 mph so we do not get power line interference. By doing this survey, I got to see a bat out in nature for the first time. I have learned a lot since I first got here.  

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