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13 September 2019

Osprey Banding at Patuxent River

Written by: Evelyn

On June 14th I and a few other interns had the amazing opportunity to go out to the Patuxent River with my supervisor and watch 6 week old Osprey get banded.

We got a glimpse as to how the process for selecting the right time to band them was like as well as the steps and protocols for taking down their size. Their nests are on posts in the middle of the Patuxent River, requiring a boat to get around. The group went around and surveyed the nests. We learned of some nests that failed due to predation, specifically to the Great Horned Owl, who had swooped by a whole row of nests. Osprey are birds of prey, their sharp beaks and talons might make someone wary of ever getting near one. However, we learned that Osprey young are incredibly docile, they stay still and hide, and this makes the bird banding process much easier. Here are some photos I took of that day!

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