Reactivating a Neighborhood Park through Community Reactivating a Neighborhood Park through Community
02 October 2023

Reactivating a Neighborhood Park through Community Engagement

The purpose of this event was to engage and gain support from local community members so that we can receive feedback on what they would like their community to look like within Makalapa Neighborhood Park. National Parks Service, partnered with local councilwomen team and non profits to host a back to school event at a once labeled troubled park. Throughout this event we had visual art displayed on the fence from this summer's session working with the local community kids. The art reflected what they wanted to see in their park and gave them the liberty to dream big. As people walked into the event, they were greeted by art pieces and agreed with the ideas put on. While talking with the parents and adults they strongly wanted a community garden to be placed in the park but worried about security. They were amazed to see organizations had come together to listen to them and show up for the kids providing back to school resources. A highlight interaction was a parent with four kids was very grateful and happy to be talking about the future needs of the park. They wanted to see more kids feel safe and play at the park without getting hurt and their parents feel good about letting them.  


The kids surrendering Makalapa Neighborhood Park are a huge part of this area and it is important to listen to their voices to restore a vision that is inclusive for the future of Halawa. While doing this event we found that the more we interacted in this space the more children and other adults came into the park. Teenagers and younger adults started playing basketball and making their own football game. Adults received resources from partners for example YesBus where they help families that are in between homes and are endangered of being homeless. At the entrance they were also given the opportunity to talk and meet the Council women's team. This event showed us that the community is ready to once again interact with the park and has the potential to become a safe space for everyone.

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