Learning About Alaska From My Home Learning About Alaska From My Home
29 November 2022

Learning About Alaska From My Home

Written by: Denna Martinez

Alaska! Am I really going to Alaska?! Well not yet. But soon!

I was hanging out at a coffee shop, job hunting. When I glance at my email, I see an email from the Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) asking if I am interested in a job position. The position is a Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) Fellow with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, location: Fairbanks, Alaska. Yeah, I’m interested! I’ve been interested in going to Alaska since college plus working with the USFWS! What a great opportunity!

As the first line says I’m not yet in Alaska but as a HAF CCC fellow, I am learning a lot about Alaska, in particular the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge. My fellowship is focusing on ecological trajectories and possible options using the Resist - Accept - Direct framework, also known as RAD, for the refuge. Even though I am not on the refuge there are great resources to learn about the wildlife refuge. Plus the people with USFWS and the refuge have been super helpful with finding resources and workshops to help me learn about the refuge and Alaska. If you want to learn about the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge check out their website:

There have been many cups of tea/coffee, listening to music, and outdoor breaks with all the reading I have been doing. But I do look forward to being able to see the refuge in person and explore the beautiful state of Alaska!

Agency: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Program: Civilian Climate Corps Program (CCC)

Location: Kenai/Yukon Flats NWR

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