Exploring the City and Working Independently Exploring the City and Working Independently
28 November 2022

Exploring the City and Working Independently

Written by: Kameron Hall

Hello Everyone! I’ve now been working at the US Fish and Wildlife Southwest Regional Office for about eight months now. Time sure does fly! I’ve been doing great. I have performed the same duties that I outlined in my previous blog. However, I have faced a few new challenges at work since my last blog post.

For about a month and half, my coworker and I were given the responsibility of performing our work procedures with limited guidance from our supervisor. We understood the steps that we that we needed to take to get our desired product; however, we initially had trouble with refining our initial process. My coworker and I had to brainstorm and create plans to improve our data organize and visualization with little supervisor oversight. This experience helped me to learn how to create and follow through on plans.

Outside of work, I’ve been taking time to explore more of Albuquerque. A few weeks ago, I visited Tinkertown with family and looked at the city from the crest of the Sadia Mountain. I had a great time exploring some of the places that the city has to offer, and I look forward to exploring more of the city while I’m here.


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