The Pros and Cons The Pros and Cons
28 November 2022

The Pros and Cons

Written by: Lily Meienburg

Having the opportunity to work from home this summer is really great, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.  I have adjusted well to my work schedule. I work Monday thru Friday 8-6 most weeks. Right now, I am working on creating a Power App survey checklist through Microsoft Power Apps.

The checklist is designed to help organize and run-through for the parks how accessible the parks media is. It looks at certain areas like online videos, waysides, and in-person videos along with more. Also, I am currently working on creating a spreadsheet for the committed national park groups signed up to compete in the Unidescriptithon 9, and the brochure’s pictures to see if they are copyrighted and get approval if they are. I am again very grateful for the opportunity and have already learned many new skills from this internship. While I have learned a lot, there are pros and cons to working virtually and the majority of them are one in the same. These pros and cons can look like staying in the same spot all day, I work from the same spot on my couch ten hours a day, but I can just sit and get work done. I don’t have to get ready in the morning, this saves time, but also, I normally enjoy getting ready for things. I don’t have to communicate with a large group of people on a regular bases, this helps to minimize anxiety but also it can feel isolating at times. Working from home also affects the sense of home versus work separation.

Agency: National Park Service

Program: Harpers Ferry Center Program

Location: Harpers Ferry Center for Media Services

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