Crystal Salvador
Intern Year(s): 2020
Location: National Trails Program
Program: Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Program (COR)
Agency: National Park Service

Crystal Salvador

Upon graduating from Florida State University, Crystal took an administrative position as an office manager and began volunteering with the Crisis and Suicide prevention lifeline. During this time, she grew to love the time she spent volunteering more than the work she was getting paid to do, and so she decided to pursue a role in social work that involved working in the outdoors. Before this fellowship, she worked as a head field guide for a wilderness family therapy program in Utah, where she led groups of struggling adolescents through backcountry Utah. That was where Crystal began to share her love of the outdoors and created a culture that emphasizes the importance of love and vulnerability amongst students and staff. Crystal is now a Marketing and Communications fellow for the National Park Service’s National Trail System and is based in Lakewood, Colorado.

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