Gabrielle Ruso
Intern Year(s): 2023
Location: San Francisco Bay Area Inventory and Monitoring Program
Program: Directorate Resource Assistant Fellows Program (DFP)
Agency: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Gabrielle Ruso

Gabrielle Ruso is currently a graduate student at the University of Missouri where she is working on a PhD project investigating the potential effects of atmospherically-drifting agricultural contaminants on alpine lake ecosystems in the Sierra Nevada, CA. She received her B.S. in wildlife biology from Humboldt State University in 2015, and M.S. in Ecotoxicology from the University of Saskatchewan in 2019. Between her time in school, she has worked for several agencies on efforts that involve aquatic ecology and invasive species. Throughout her career, she has developed a strong interest in data science, especially with respect to managing and exploring long-term datasets. She plans to pursue a career in this direction, integrating data science and natural resources.

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