Leandrew Escobedo
Intern Year(s): 2021
Location: Angeles National Forest
Program: Resource Assistant Program (RAP)
Agency: U.S. Forest Service

Leandrew Escobedo

Leandrew is a 22 year old from Pasadena, CA with dreams of becoming a full-time ranger either for the USFS or NPS. Prior to the pandemic he was studying Forestry and Natural Resource Management at UC Berkeley, however, he couldn’t justify paying the same amount of tuition for online courses that were beyond subpar compared to learning in the field or classroom. Currently he is enrolled at my local community college and is on track to completing a certification in GIS. He hopes to be able to return to Berkeley in the following academic year and utilize his certification to open more opportunities and pathways for the career he wants. Leandrew is extremely grateful to be a part of this fellowship program as he will be able to become more acquainted with the duties of a Resource Technician as well as have the opportunity to expand his network of resources and USFS staff.

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