Oliviah Franke
Intern Year(s): 2020, 2021
Location: Anchorage Regional Office
Program: Resource Assistant Program (RAP)
Agency: U.S. Forest Service

Oliviah Franke

Oliviah Franke grew up in Portland Oregon where her love of the outdoors and teaching youth about nature was fostered through summer camps and the Outdoor School Program. She received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Portland State University. She then went on to teach at outdoor school, work for the U.S. Forest Service in northern Idaho and Alaska, before starting her Master degree through the University of Idaho. In May 2020, she received her Master of Science in Natural Resources, after completing a masters project focused on developing resources for classroom teachers in Alaska. She is passionate about fostering a love of the natural world in youth, as well as serving classroom teachers in the goal of using place-based and outdoor learning opportunities for students. She believes that a key to helping protect our plant and natural resources, is fostering future generations that love and are connected to it before they are tasked with the responsibility of saving it.

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