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11 August 2020

Just Keep Swimming

Category: US Fish & Wildlife Service DFP

I am nearing the end of my time in the Directorate Resource Assistant Fellows Program (DFP) with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). These remaining two weeks will fly by as I focus on compressing nine weeks’ worth of information into a webinar and formal report. As such, I decided to keep today’s blog short and sweet to briefly summarize my experience as a DFP intern!

I originally thought I was going to be stationed at the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex to study an endangered butterfly as part of my DFP project. However, as we all know, COVID-19 caused numerous issues, and soon enough I found out that I was no longer moving to California. Despite having to stay in Washington, I was thrilled to accept another DFP project with a focus on anadromous salmonids that could be accomplished remotely. If you are interested in learning more about my DFP project, please read my first and second blogs.

My experience as a DFP intern has been very exciting and rewarding! I have had the opportunity to make a substantial improvement of several of my skills, such as critical thinking, time management, communication, and others. I have also gained more experience in ArcGIS Pro and Google Earth Pro. Lastly, I have made lifelong connections with numerous USFWS employees and other DFP interns. I could not have been anymore happy with my experience as a DFP intern. It is bittersweet to know that soon I will be switching my focus from anadromous salmonids to a rare butterfly for my MS thesis. I am hopeful that I will reunite with USFWS after completing my degree!

If anyone is interested in watching the recording of my webinar, you can view it here under News and Announcements or download it here under Office Current Events. Also, if anyone would like to contact me, please do so at


Photo: Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington/Flickr

Agency: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Program: US Fish & Wildlife Service - DFP

Location: Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office

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