Latino Heritage Internship Project

The Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP), administered in partnership between the National Park Service, Hispanic Access Foundation, and Environment for the Americas, is designed to provide professional internships aimed to hone students’ skills in cultural, historical, and natural resource management/preservation.

The contributions made by interns in this program will raise awareness of our national parks and historic sites, the importance of public land access, and the need for the Latino community involvement in their preservation.

Deadline: February 10th, 2019 

Background and Goals

LHIP’s core goal is to advance employment and community engagement opportunities with an emphasis on cultural resource stewardship and interpretation.

For this purpose, HAF will select and oversee eighteen highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students to work alongside NPS historians, interpreters, archaeologists, architects, and curators on cultural resources projects in park units, offices and historical sites throughout the nation. It is our goal to provide an opportunity that creates strong mentor-protégé relationships to support the career growth of talented students.

Throughout the summer, LHIP interns will have substantive assignments in their areas of study, work closely with NPS staff day-to-day and receive additional mentoring and support through HAF. Applicants can apply for two type of LHIP internships:

LHIP Internship (standard)

The standard LHIP internship provides an entry-level professional experience focused on career exploration and building fundamental skills.


  • LHIP interns receive a weekly stipend of $400 based on a 40-hour work-week, plus a commuting stipend.
  • Park housing - or housing stipend - will be provided to interns.
  • Interns who successfully complete 640 hours and meet the required criteria would be eligible for Public Land Corps (PLC) noncompetitive hiring authority.*

*Successful completion of an LHIP internship does not guarantee that the participant will be hired into a federal position.

LHIP Direct Hiring Authority Resource Assistant internship (DHA-RA)

LHP DHA projects are unique internship opportunities designed to build a pathway to employment in the Department of Interior (DOI). Interns in these projects will apply cultural and natural resource expertise to NPS management and build a network with federal employees throughout the internship. These rigorous internships require specialized knowledge and typically are available to upper-level undergraduate students, graduate students or recent graduates.


  • DHA interns will receive a weekly stipend of $480 based on a 40-hour work week, plus a commuting stipend.
  • Park housing - or housing stipend - will be provided to interns.
  • DHA interns who successfully complete the internship requirements become eligible to be non-competitively hired by the DOI for two years from the date of their degree.* 

*Successful completion of the internship does not guarantee that the participant will be hired into a federal position.

Basic Eligibility

  • Age 18 to 35
  • Possess US citizenship or permanent residence
  • Be enrolled in a post-secondary educational program or have graduated from college within the past year
  • Have a strong interest — or relevant experience — in areas pertaining to — but not limited to — history, historic preservation, public history, museum studies, archaeology, cultural interpretation, landscape architecture, anthropology or other related fields.
  • Bilingual skills (Spanish/English) -- helpful and more needed for some positions
  • Be social media savvy!

Selection criteria

Candidates may express interest in specific geographic and thematic areas. Specific assignments will be based on best fit with specific requirements of each NPS location. Final candidates will undergo a background check before beginning their assignment. Applications will be reviewed and rated according to the following criteria:

  • Relevant educational and work experience
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Professionalism, technical knowledge, and expertise
  • Adaptability, adventurousness, and ability to work effectively with diverse audiences.


If you are interested in more National Park Service positions with the Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP), please visit:

MANO Project
is an initiative of Hispanic 
Access Foundation.

P: (202) 640-4342